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World’s biggest car brands ranked in annual list

Written by: Neil

What do you think is the biggest car brand in the world? BMW? Volkswagen? Probably something German, right? Wrong.

How about Toyota? Believe it or not, it’s true and it’s not even news; the Japanese car maker was the world’s biggest car brand in 2016 too after being the highest-placing automotive company in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list.

The list ranks companies on perceived value, but also their brand power, financial performance, role in customer purchase decisions and the overall strength of the brand.

Toyota slipped two spots to seventh in 2017’s list, after its supposed value dropped six per cent to $50.2 billion (£37.4 billion).

Mercedes-Benz was deemed to be the second most valuable car brand in the world, appearing ninth, just like it did last time around despite being ten per cent more valuable than in 2016 ($47.8 billion), while BMW ranked 13th after placing 11th in 2016 ($41.5 billion).

After these two German entries, we’re back to Japan with Honda climbing one slot to scrape into the top 20, something that pleased Honda Motor Europe’s senior vice president Philip Ross.

“The power of the Honda brand highlights our influential position in the market,” he said.

Other car brands to feature in the top 100 included Ford (33), Hyundai (35), Audi (38), Nissan (39), Volkswagen (40), Porsche (48), Kia (69), Land Rover (73), Mini (87) and finally, Tesla (98).

In case you were wondering, Apple topped the list with a value of $184.1 billion, followed by Google ($141.7 billion), Microsoft ($79.9 billion), Coca-Cola ($69.7 billion), Amazon ($64.7 billion) and Samsung ($56.2 billion).

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Considering the clout behind those names at the top end of this list, it’s mighty impressive that Toyota ranked seventh. Only one other car brand managed to sneak into the top ten.”

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Photo: Roland Tanglao/Flickr