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Why your car is probably the wrong colour

Written by: Neil

What’s the colour of your car? Black, white, red, blue? Maybe something eye-proddingly loud like yellow, lime green or even orange?

Whatever the shade of your car, there’s an 86 per cent chance that it doesn’t suit your personality, at least that’s what new research from Nissan reckons.

Findings from a study commissioned by the Japanese car maker suggest that the vast majority of Europe’s motorists are driving the wrong-coloured car for their personality.

Even though the colour palette available to car buyers has expanded significantly in recent years, people are still too conservative when picking the colour of their new car, the research found.

Roughly a third of the 5,000 people surveyed for the research should have opted for more striking shades like orange instead of traditional grey or black, based on their personality type.

Almost two in five (38 per cent) of those surveyed were driving either a grey or black vehicle, while more than half (53 per cent) admitted that colour had influenced their car choice.

Colour psychologist Karen Haller believes that social factors impact colour choice and that in times of economic uncertainty, people very often played it safe by picking a car with a neutral palette like black, white or grey.

The research was conducted to highlight the range of colours and personalisation options available in the new Micra, so there’s the hook.

As such, the vastly redesigned hatchback now comes in ten bold exterior colours, such as ‘Energy Orange’ and ‘Pulse Green’.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Clearly, Europe’s motorists place a lot of stock in the colour of their car, so it’s cool that car makers like Nissan let people express themselves by offering so many options.”

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