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What is Britain’s most popular track day supercar?

Written by: Neil

If you could drive any supercar this weekend, what would it be?

An Aventador? A Ford GT? An Audi R8? Or a car with some of that hybrid business, like a BMW i8 or Honda NSX?

Well, TrackDays.co.uk (can you guess what they specialise in?) did a bit of a national survey and the most common answer was… the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Not a bad choice – a tad leftfield and not as obvious as we’d have expected, but maybe it shouldn’t have been such a shock due to the car’s jaw-dropping looks and incredible performance.

With a top speed of more than 200mph, the Gallardo can race from zero to 62mph in just over three seconds.

The Gallardo is favoured by celebrities including David Beckham and Pierce Brosnan, and accounts for almost a fifth of driving experience bookings with TrackDays.co.uk, well ahead of the Audi R8 – the second most popular choice.

Dan Jones, operations manager at TrackDays.co.uk, said: “While it has always been popular with A-list celebrities, the Gallardo would also be the supercar that most Brits want to drive if they had the opportunity.”

Fewer than 14,000 Gallardo models were ever built and some still command price tags in excess of £100,000, so the chance to whip one around a race track will be the next best thing to owning one for the majority of people.

Lamborghini is also the most popular choice for TrackDays.co.uk’s ‘supercar choice experience’ bookings, which lets customers select the manufacturer experience they want, rather than restrict their track time to one specific model.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Lambos attract so much adulation that it’s no surprise so many people seize their opportunity to drive one on the track.”

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