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Tyre safety check reminder for motorists

Written by: Neil

Individuals planning a road trip abroad this summer are being reminded to ensure their vehicle is safe for use, with regular tyre checks cited as an important part of proper car maintenance.

Owners should be examining the state of their vehicle's tyres on a regular basis, as these items are some of the most important when it comes to ensuring safety not just for themselves, but for their passengers, other road users and members of the public.

Failure to spot problems like excessive or uneven wear and tear, rips in the tyre wall, insufficient tread depth and unexplained bulges can all lead to accidents, with tyre failures at speed some of the most high-risk incidents that motorists can be involved in.

As such, vehicle safety charity TyreSafe is calling on all car owners to play their part in keeping the roads as safe as possible by carrying out these simple checks every time they are making a journey.

Moreover, all those planning a long-distance getaway this summer are encouraged to pay even closer attention to the state of their tyres, with issues like having the right tyre pressure also coming under scrutiny.

Chairman of TyreSafe Stuart Jackson stated: "Almost every family holiday begins with a road trip, whether that's all the way to the final destination or to the airport.

"For most of us, that load will be unusually high, but too few families take this into account and they don't adjust their tyre pressures to match. By overlooking these checks, motorists are introducing an unnecessary risk to their journey."


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