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Tokyo Drift for real with this Fast & Furious legend

Written by: Neil

We’re big fans of the Fast and the Furious films here in the Petrol News office. The focus may have been shifted away from the cars to straight-up face-punching action in recent instalments, but the earlier films feature some of the most memorable cars committed to celluloid.

And it’s one of those older films that we’re talking about here because the Nissan 350 Z owned by Takashi, aka the ‘Drift King’ (DK), in ‘Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ – the third film in the series – has gone on sale on Auto Trader.

For just £99,950, you can own a delicious slice of movie and automotive history.

The coupé featured on most of the promotional material for the 2006 film and is recognisable by its distinctive body artwork, displayed heavily during Takashi’s drift races throughout the city of Tokyo.

Described by the seller as “the most famous 350 Z in the world” (they’re probably right), the car is one of only two Nissan 350 Z models that survived the production of ‘Tokyo Drift’ – the other six 350 Zs were written off during filming *sad face*.

Interesting bonus, though; the car up for sale is the only model to have had the desirable performance upgrades, including the APS twin turbo engine.

It is also claimed that the car advertised on Auto Trader is the primary model used in the film’s famous drifting scenes. You can view the car’s listing at http://bit.ly/2ymEoTJ.

See what the 350 Z is capable of in this clip: 

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Erin Baker, editorial director at Auto Trader, said: “It’s the car of every boy racer’s dreams, but we doubt the next owner of this car will spend too much time cruising your local retail car park.”

‘Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ was an international box office smash when it hit cinemas in 2006, grossing £71.5 million worldwide. The ninth instalment of the franchise is set for release in 2020.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, commented: “The Fast and the Furious films are the go-to films for any car fan, so to actually have such a famous element of these movies on your driveway may prove irresistible to some fans.”

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