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The McLaren F1 GTR: Worth the repair bill price

Written by: Neil

There are just 28 road legal McLaren F1 GTR cars, or, at the moment, 27, and that means they are seriously valuable. So much so, that the repair bill may even make Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason's eyes water.

Mason took this splendid vehicle to the 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting and headed for the track. Unfortunately, his skills behind the wheel were not quite of F1 standard – unless we're talking Pastor Maldonado. He duly hit the wall, and by that we don't mean the band's 1979 album. 

The repair bill is sure to be hefty, but worth it. In 2011 Rowan Atkinson shunted his 1997 GTI and it cost $1.4 million (£1.1 million) to get it looking more like a GTR and less like Mr Bean's mini. However, he then sold it for $12 million.

Of course, that doesn't mean Nick Mason is likely to be cashing in anytime soon. His red-and-yellow car is worth $3.7 million according to The Drive, even if it is currently more like black-and blue.  

Quite simply, the car is a marvel. It took some time for McLaren F1 car designer Gordon Murray to be persuaded to turn the mid-90s GTR range into racing cars, but when he took on the task, he did so with aplomb. 

As it happened, not a lot needed doing to modify the car. A few cooling ducts and a downforce wing on the back were all that was required to add to the sleek design and powerful engine. The 1995 version was forced by racing rules to have its engine power reduced to 600 BHP, but it was more mobile because all but the essentials were stripped from inside, making it very light. 

The result was one seriously quick car. At the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hour race, the Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing GTR hit a speed of 281 kph (174.6 mph) on the Mulsanne Straight. 

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "It makes a change that a rockstar has kept us all entertained by trashing a car instead of a hotel room! Hopefully it won't be long before Nick Mason's GTR is back in full working order."

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