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Swinging ’60s revival for Caterham Seven

Written by: Neil

One of our most beloved sports cars of all time, the Caterham Seven, is getting a new variant based on designs first created in the 1960s, and we're loving it!

Here in the Petrol News office, the iconic Seven has a special place in our hearts and the news that a new '60s-inspired variation could soon be taking to the roads has us all in a tizz.

The Caterham Seven Sprint will be priced just shy of £28,000 and is available to order from this month. It is being launched at this year's Goodwood Revival and promises to be one of the standout attractions at this exciting and popular event.

Powered by the same 80 bhp, three-cylinder Suzuki engine installed in Caterham's entry-level Seven 160 model, the Sprint will come with a range of '60s-inspired features, not least of which is the chassis paintwork coloured in traditional British Racing Green.

Paying homage to the iconic style of the swinging '60s, the Sprint is being released as a precursor to the expected extensive celebrations for this famous marque in 2017, when the Caterham brand will be honouring its 60th anniversary.

It's some of the best motoring news we've heard all year and the fact these models could be available and on the roads in the very near future is something everyone in the Petrol News office is happy to hear.

We'll be on the lookout for the Sprint in the months and years to come; here's to another 60 years of motoring greatness!


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