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Spy shots of new Porsche Macan revealed

Written by: Neil

Everyone who loves great cars likes a bit of spying. It must be the 007 effect. But perhaps the best combination of all is when someone gets a sneaky preview of a new motor that is heading our way.

In this case, it is the Porsche Macan, which has been undergoing testing before the new version of this SUV is released. 

Porsche has set a lot of stall on the success of its Macan, a deviation from its traditional flashy sports car theme but a successful one, with 350,000 sold since the original version came out in 2014. They will be hoping the success continues with the new model. 

The footage has shown the car in testing at high altitude in South Africa. For humans, altitude can mean difficulty breathing until enough red blood cells are produced, an inexact science frequently involving the misuse of a glaucoma drug called diamox, feeling ill, and a broken dream when people are forced to give up on Kilimanjaro or Everest base camp. 

In the case of the new Macan, however, the test is how the hydraulics and other machinery deals with low air pressure, in this case 3,400 metres up in the Drakensburg range. 

The new Macan has enhanced design, connectivity and driving dynamics and is also more comfortable. All this should make it a lot of fun to drive, assuming the person behind the wheel is not actually doing so at high altitude. 

Porsche are certainly taking this enterprise seriously though, although not a great deal looks different about the new Macan compared with its predecessor. The LED light bar across the boot and LEDs in the front headlights is about as different as it gets. 

That may suggest that the maker has essentially decided that if it isn't broke, there's no need to fix it. The new Macan will not be a radical reworking, but instead an incremental enhancement. This is a statement both of progress and confidence in a very successful design. 

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: "Everyone is anticipating the new Macan's launch at the end of the month and the sneak previews from South Africa will only add to the excitement."

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