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Škoda launches new Karoq model to replace Yeti

Written by: Neil

Škoda has launched a brand new small SUV to replace its much-loved Yeti model, but can it deliver the same charm?

The Karoq SUV may meet a tough crowd among consumers that have fallen in love with the Yeti over the past eight years. However, the Czech manufacturer is confident that the Karoq's flexibility and increased style will make it even more popular.

From the outside, the Karoq definitely doesn't look anything like its predecessor, boasting a much sleeker design. Its versatile interior, featuring three individual rear seats that can either be removed or folded to suit, will no doubt boost its appeal.

This no-fuss design continues when you open the door too. Its optional power tailgate can be activated from inside the car and the electronic parking brake reduces the console clutter, bringing a much-welcomed simplicity.

Inside, the Karoq emulates the much-loved Yeti in many ways, but takes it to the next level. A gesture control feature allows drivers to perform certain actions with a simple wave of a hand. The in-built camera detects and identifies defined hand movements made around the centre console, meaning you don't need to take your eyes off the road to navigate the infotainment menu.

Drivers can choose from four audio and infotainment systems to suit their own style and needs, and sat nav systems can also be integrated. An optional LTE module is also available on the Karoq, offering a superfast internet connection at your fingertips. It features a 9.2-inch glass screen with an impressive 1280 x 640 resolution and routes can be set by text entry or voice command.

Moreover, if you're wanting to do more than just the school run, the Karoq's suspension makes it easy to go a little rogue. Its sleek design is built for on-road agility, but the model comes with a subversive sophistication that allows it to perform on more challenging terrains too.

You can also opt for a four-wheel version, if you have a penchant for off-roading, and these even have a specialist mode, should you prefer.

The estimated list price for the basic model is £17,500 and first shipments will be made in January 2018.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “The Karoq is a refined version of the Yeti and I expect it will be just as popular with drivers.”

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