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Skoda Kodiaq vRS blasts around the Nürburgring in record time

Written by: Neil

A performance version of Skoda’s Kodiaq has been on the cards ever since the SUV was first revealed way back in summer 2016.

And now we’re finally seeing what it’s capable of after the Czech car maker released footage of the Kodiaq vRS setting a record time around the Nürburgring’s legendary Nordschleife.

Piloted by racing driver and occasional Top Gear person Sabine Schmitz, the cranked-up offroader blasted around the 20.832-km-long circuit in 9:29.84 minutes – that’s the quickest time a seven-seater SUV has completed a lap of ‘Green Hell’.

We stress the ‘seven-seater’ element though, because the record for the fastest SUVs overall was set by the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio last year – and it was 1:38.14 minutes quicker than the Kodiaq vRS.

Sabine Schmitz, who became the first woman to win the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring in 1996 before triumphing again the following year, described the Kodiaq vRS as “great fun on the track”.

“Skoda has made full use of its large SUV’s potential with the Kodiaq vRS,” commented Schmitz, who has completed more than 30,000 laps of the Nordschleife over the years.

“I can certainly imagine that I’ll be encountering the Kodiaq vRS regularly during my laps around the Nordschleife in future.”

Skoda is retaining certain details on the Kodiaq vRS ahead of its official reveal, but we do know that it will use a new two-litre 237bhp bi-turbo diesel engine that’s already available in the VW Tiguan.

In VW’s SUV, it can get from zero to 62mph in 6.5 seconds, so expect something similar when the Kodiaq vRS is revealed at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “It’s great to see Skoda add another model to its vRS offering.”

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