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Six wheels are always better than four!

Written by: Neil

You might not be au fait with the phrase two heads are better than one, and sometimes this certainly isn't the case, but when it comes to outstanding sports cars that can fire your imagination, six wheels are definitely better than four!

Cast your mind back to the heyday of Formula 1 and the late 1970s and you might just remember there was one team that threw out the manual when designing their car for the 1976 and '77 seasons.

Tyrell were one of the biggest names in the sport during that era and it was therefore quite a surprise when the team unveiled a unique take on the vehicle regulations, with its cars featuring a double set of wheels at the front.

It's therefore with great excitement that the Petrol News team has learned the acclaimed six-wheel Tyrell P34 will be appearing in the UK this month.

The P34 will be showcased this weekend (October 28th to 30th) as part of the Live Parade at The Classic & Sports Car Show at Alexandra Palace, and it's sure to take the breath away for all lovers of Formula 1.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "There have been some inspirational designs in Formula 1 over the years, with some of the greatest names in automotive sport creating beauty on the race track.

"Tyrell arguably took the biscuit (and the whole biscuit tin) in the 70s though, with the gorgeous P34 a true innovation of its time."


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