Why petrolheads should be excited about VW’s new Touareg

(Posted on 21st June 2018)

A bulky diesel-powered SUV may not be the weapon of choice for any speed-loving petrolhead, but perhaps it be should after Volkswagen revealed all on the new Touareg. Available to order now with prices upwards of £51,595, the third-generation Touareg…

Skoda Kodiaq vRS blasts around the Nürburgring in record time

(Posted on 20th June 2018)

A performance version of Skoda’s Kodiaq has been on the cards ever since the SUV was first revealed way back in summer 2016. And now we’re finally seeing what it’s capable of after the Czech car maker released footage of…

The white van man has cleaned up his act, figures suggest

(Posted on 19th June 2018)

For decades, the ‘white van man’ has bore a tainted reputation for being an absolute pig behind the wheel. However, it seems that they’ve been getting a bum deal after new research revealed they’re not actually all that bad after…

BMW 8 Series Coupe revealed, coming November

(Posted on 18th June 2018)

BMW has finally revealed all on the upcoming 8 Series Coupe and it looks like the premium German car maker has served up another winner. The car marks the return of the 8 Series nameplate after a rest of almost…

Jaguar E-PACE

Jaguar E-PACE knows your every move

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Jaguar E-PACE has a new update for its sporty compact SUV, it is called Smart Settings technology – described as “Self-learning”, that makes you feel “just right”.