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Show some love for the new Ford GT

Written by: Neil

It's official! Exciting news everyone, the new Ford GT is being prepped for its first full production run, and an innovative application process is being used for all those that would like to own one.

Just 500 of these new supercars will be delivered to customers in the next two years and therefore the competition among would-be buyers is expected to be fierce.

As a result, Ford will be basing their criteria for who gets to purchase one of these stunning new supercars not simply on the bank balance of those that can afford it, but on a more intangible trait – their love for the marque and their commitment to celebrating the Ford brand.

We're pretty sure that even banding together, the team here at the Petrol News office might struggle to drum up the cash to meet the new GT's imposing price tag. However, when it comes to our passion for the brand and the pride we'd take in popping down to the shops in our new luxury Ford GT, we're sure our application would be second to none!

The first round of web-based applications will close to potential buyers on May 12th, with the first new cars expected to be delivered by the end of the year. Fingers crossed then, you'll hopefully see us out and about in our new office supercar before too long… we can but dream.


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