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Remastered Minis are a blast from the past

Written by: Neil

When it comes to iconic British car design, the original Mini takes some beating.

We have a lot of respect in the Petrol News office for where the Mini brand has ventured under BMW Group ownership.

However, cars like the Paceman and the Countryman are a far cry – stylistically and practically – from the classic Minis of the 1960s and anyone keen to own one has to hit the classifieds and hope they don’t end up with a neglected rustbucket.

Luckily, ‘Mini Remastered’ – a new project by David Brown Automotive – has made it possible to own one of these iconic Minis, but with some notable mod con updates.

It’s a slim possibility though. Only 100 remastered Minis will be built, and they’re set to cost at least £50,000 each, which would get you two modern JCW Minis – a car capable of doing 0-62mph in just over six seconds.

You certainly get what you pay for though, with each remastered Mini being hand-built in the UK and taking around 1,000 hours to produce, due to the bespoke chassis, body and interior.

It is powered by a fully reconditioned 1,275cc engine and a re-engineered gearbox to give the car all of the style and feel of the original but with modern dynamics.

The design gets a subtle update too, with slight changes to the grille, taillights and interior styling, while the cabin includes a seven-inch touchscreen featuring Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – something you certainly didn’t get with the classic Minis.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: “As great as the current Minis are, nothing compares to the original. We love how they’ve tried to stay faithful to the classic car and only updated it in certain areas like with the infotainment system.”

Visit davidbrownautomotive.com for more details.