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Range Rover Sport SVR proves supercar superiority with latest Chinese record attempt

Written by: Neil

SUVs don’t upstage supercars for performance typically but then again, the Range Rover Sport SVR clearly isn’t your typical SUV after it set a new record for negotiating the 99 corners of the famous Tianmen Road in China.

Powered by an enhanced V8 supercharged engine, the 567bhp Range Rover Sport SVR completed the epic 11.3km ascent in nine minutes and 51 seconds, comfortably beating the ten minute 31 second time set by a Ferrari 458 Italia in 2016.

The feat itself was pulled off by Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver Ho-Pin Tung, who found the drive even more demanding than the racing on the track.

“Maintaining concentration was the biggest challenge as the road twists and turns constantly, with huge drop-offs to the side,” he explained.

“The consequences of getting it wrong would have been really serious so I focused on establishing a rhythm and the Range Rover Sport SVR made this easy.

“It may be an SUV but it has the performance and agility of a supercar and can take you to places a supercar can only dream of.”

Watch the pulse-racing record attempt at https://youtu.be/3MrdU6XbJok

Fastest ever

To be honest, we probably shouldn’t expect anything less from the fastest Land Rover ever – a car that can blast off to 62mph in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 174mph.

In addition to its hefty powertrain, bold revisions were made to the Rangie Sport’s chassis and bodywork, with lightweight materials introduced to enhance performance, handling and agility.

This Tianmen Road drive is the second record-breaking stunt by a Range Rover Sport in China in recent times, after a plug-in hybrid variant became the first car to climb the 999-step staircase to the natural rock arch of Heaven’s Gate in February.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “SUVs may seem large and cumbersome but the Range Rover Sport SVR has proved it can be as nimble and swift as any supercar.”

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