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Pure Electric McLaren P1 is here!

Written by: Neil

It's one of the most groundbreaking and impressive hypercars on the planet and the McLaren P1 is now about to take another leap forward, with the creation of a new Pure Electric variant.

Created for buyers who want to experience the raw speed and thrill of the P1 but also know they are doing their bit for the planet, here in the Petrol News office we think it's a great idea.

Before we all get carried away though, there's something we need to tell you; this new P1 is never going to be road legal, as it's a children's toy! (Cue sighs of deflation and let-down).

Suitable for drivers under the age of six, the P1 Pure Electric goes from a standing start to its top speed (a bracing three miles per hour) in just two seconds – it's definitely no slouch in the performance stakes!

It also features many touches akin to its bigger brother, with one-touch start, LED lights and its very own 'air conditioning' unit. The tunes are also banging, with an in-built MP3 player and audio system that comes pre-loaded with a range of the most popular children's nursery rhymes.

The cleverly designed P1 Pure Electric is a ride-on toy with all the same styling as its namesake, making it a perfect plaything for little petrolheads in the making. We definitely would've wanted one as a kid! They see me rollin', they be hatin'…


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