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Price hike for M6 Toll from August

Written by: Neil

For any motorist driving through the West Midlands, the M6 Toll is the equivalent of a red carpet or an exclusive express elevator made out of gold.

The frustratingly sluggish congestion around Birmingham city centre can test the patience of any petrolhead and the M6 Toll can often be depended on for a welcome escape to more free-flowing traffic.

Of course, it comes at a cost but it’s always a fiver(-ish) well spent. However, the company that operates the M6 Toll has announced the first price increase for five years.

From August, motorists will have to pay an extra 40p for the privilege. That will push the cost to £5.90 for daytime tolls and £4.40 for daytime ramps.

Weekend and evening charges remain unchanged. Fees for other vehicle types including HGVs are frozen too.

Andy Pearson, chief executive of Midlands Expressway Limited – which operates the M6 Toll, said the prices were revised to “catch up with inflation”.

He added: “[They] are increasing by less than RPI over the same period. We remain committed to investing in our infrastructure to deliver an excellent customer experience and provide a high quality, free-flowing alternative to the congested M6.

“We have always approached our pricing structure with very careful consideration to economic sensitivities and the impact on our customers and their businesses. This was part of the reason for holding tolls flat over the past five years.”

More than 53,000 vehicles use the M6 Toll every weekday, with traffic on the toll growing 7.6 per cent every year since 2012.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Some motorists will be raging over this price increase, but what’s 40p? It’s not even a chocolate bar and the M6 Toll has consistently proven its worth.”

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