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Porsche unveils third generation Cayenne

Written by: Neil

We're huge fans of anything with the Porsche badge on it here in the Petrol News office, so you can imagine how excited we were to see its third-generation Cayenne being launched this week.

Billed as a "completely new development" that combines everyday practicality with "even more of the typical Porsche performance", there's plenty here to make you sit up and take notice.

For instance, the latest iteration of the Cayenne features powerful turbo engines and a new eight-speed Tiptronic S gearbox, as well as a new chassis system and an innovative display and control concept with total connectivity.

Other standouts of the SUV include a choice of six-cylinder engines to choose from, which offer fantastic performance.

Indeed, the Cayenne’s 335bhp three-litre turbo engine delivers 39bhp more than the previous model.

Similarly, there's an 19bhp uplift for the 2.9-litre V6 biturbo engine in the Cayenne S, now boasting a power output of 433bhp.

With the ability to race from 0-62mph in less than five seconds and a light aluminium body, it's sure to be a fantastic mover, both when you're on an average jaunt and if you seek a little excitement from the driving experience.

And you don't have to look under the bonnet to see its stunning technology at work, as the dash features a 12.3-inch full HD touchscreen with the latest generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) technology.

This means you have all sorts of digital functions available, such as standard online navigation and real-time traffic information, which can be controlled either by hand or with your voice.

Even more excitingly, it can be customised so you can set it to display the features you reckon you'll need most, so it offers an intuitive user experience tailored to your specific requirements.

As you'd expect from a flagship Porsche SUV, it comes with a hefty price tag, and you're looking at paying around £55,965 for the basic V6 or £68,330 for the Cayenne S.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: "The Cayenne is widely regarded as the best-driving SUV in its class – and its reputation certainly seems secure."

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