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Plucky Mini driver takes on Storm Eleanor and wins

Written by: Neil

Storm Eleanor has been doing her best to make sure 2018 gets off to a miserable start for many people.

Thousands of UK homes are without power and gusts of up to 100mph have meant that generally getting about has become a massive hassle.

There’s still a yellow weather warning across much of the UK and numerous roads have been closed, with public transport also severely disrupted, while some people have even suffered physical injuries.

And yet, all this isn’t enough to stop one plucky Mini driver from Northern Ireland.

Captured in Galway, this video shows how a dinky three-door Mini Cooper, weighing not much more than a ton, took on the fierce land-bound waves of the North Atlantic and won.

“Like a walk in the park”

Across Galway City, some streets were submerged in water, while many vehicles had been abandoned as flooding blocked certain roads.

Still, that didn’t seem to prove much of a deterrent to 28-year-old Selina Callaghan from Donegal, North West Ireland, as she drove through the flooded Salthill Promenade.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Ms Callaghan said she was “cool, calm and collected” despite the surrounding chaos.

She described it as “like a walk in the park” and insists she knew exactly what she was doing.

“I would not put myself in a risky situation, I am literally heading out of a risky situation, I am not putting myself at any form of risk,” she explained, despite the video clearly showing water pouring across the road.

Luck of the Irish

Ms Callaghan had been watching the storm coming with a few friends in Galway City before deciding to move their vehicles to the back of the car park as the water came closer.

“It happened that quick, by the time we parked there, literally the waves were coming, the water was getting deeper and deeper, nearly coming into our cars,” she goes on.

“Fire is much more harmful than water, you just need to respect the water and it will respect you.”

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Driving in extreme conditions as seen in that clip isn’t advised. You could say that Selina had the luck of the Irish on her side that day.”

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