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Pirelli planning F1 tyre changes

Written by: Neil

Formula 1 tyre manufacturer Pirelli has announced it is currently in the process of engineering new tyre compounds that will allow drivers to push harder for longer during races in seasons to come.

A common complaint that has been heard among drivers and fans alike in recent years has been the fragility of tyres in Formula 1.

While high levels of degradation mean cars have to pit more often, itself creating a spectacle for fans, it also leads to many instances where drivers are being forced to pull back from their limit due to fears that the tyres could 'fall off the cliff' and lose all performance.

However, it is a concern that F1 bosses and Pirelli themselves are hoping to soon address, as negotiations have now begun to carry out in-season testing of new more durable tyres in the coming year.

The new compounds could be ready as early as 2017, meaning the coming season may be the last in which drivers are forced to place tyre management as one of their top priorities during races.

The new season of Formula 1 kicks off in Australia on March 20th and will see three-time champion Lewis Hamilton hoping to once again defend his title.


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