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Pedal-powered FitCar lets drivers burn 300 calories every 30 mins

Written by: Neil

Driving a car is great fun, but what it isn’t is great exercise. However, that could soon change after a new car was revealed that lets users get a workout from behind the wheel.

The FitCar PPV (short for ‘pedal powered vehicle’) has just been unveiled in the Netherlands and has been labelled ‘the world’s first calorie-burning car’.

Its developers – Dutch engineering partner BPO – say the car has the ability to turn sedentary, unhealthy, tedious commutes into active, healthy time and can be retrofitted to any car.

They add that it is safe, easy to control and simple to override across long distances.

How it works

Based on a standard Audi A4 estate, the FitCar PPV ‘prototype #2’ rips out the throttle in favour of a bicycle pedal mechanism, mated to a flywheel, which generates an electronic pulse to engage the accelerator.

The car is powered as normal, delivering manufacturer specification performance and economy, governed by an active pedalling motion instead of the conventional depressing of the accelerator.

Another key change is the lack of a brake pedal, which has been replaced with a simple off-the-shelf ‘push hand control’ conversion, regularly seen in motability vehicles.

Drivers can burn more than 300 calories every 30 minutes, studies suggest. Visit fit-car.net for more details.

‘Exercise while you drive’

Saudi-based inventor Nasser Al Shawaf said he came up with the concept after suffering tedious hour-plus commutes each way every day.

“This is an unhealthy way to waste more than two hours every day,” he said.

“So I came up with the idea of the FitCar – which does exactly the same as any conventional car – getting us safely and comfortably from A to B, however in the FitCar, you can exercise while you drive."

Jess Wort, marketing manager at Petrol News, comments: “It’s no secret that a lot of people don’t exercise because they don’t have the time. The FitCar looks like it solves that problem in one shot.”

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