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Open-top excellence from Mercedes-AMG

Written by: Neil

It's not often that we get excited about a new car coming to the market (who are we kidding, we do it all the time), but what makes this latest burst of excitement special in the Petrol News office is that it's two cars coming at the same time!

Mercedes-AMG has blown our socks off with the new pictures of its GT Roadster and GT C Roadster models, with both cars set to offer amazing top-down driving for lovers of outstanding German engineering in the very near future.

Featuring all the latest mod-cons that any buyer of a new Mercedes has come to expect – dynamic suspension, performance exhausts and intelligent handling systems – it is arguably the stunning exterior design that has grabbed our attention the most.

The muscular proportions of both the GT and GT C ensure they stand out from the crowd in the competitive sports coupe market, but what really gives both cars the edge on their rivals is their ability to intimidate and thrill all those who cast their eyes on them.

We love the looks of these sporty new roadsters (call us shallow, we don't care) and coupled with the 557 bhp of both models, they'll be no slouch in the performance stakes either.

So, catch a glimpse of one while you can, as we're predicting both cars will fly off the forecourts when they hit the UK in the very near future!


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