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Once-in-a-lifetime car registrations on sale this week

Written by: Neil

Securing the perfect personalised registrations can be a tough task. Certain reg plates may be locked behind to the annual and half-year registration update, while anything close to controversial or offensive is withdrawn by the DVLA.

However, anyone named Brett, Ruth or Smithy stand to bag their ideal reg plate during the DVLA’s sale at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey this week (Wednesday July 19th).

That’s because BR16 ETT, 511 ENA, RUT 1H and SM17 THY will all be up for auction, along with MCL 720S – the perfect plate for any McLaren 720S owner.

Considering the reg plate 650 S went for £31,000 in 2014, the DVLA could receive some hefty bids yet again.  

Similarly, anyone with a Ferrari 488 in their garage will be intrigued by the sale of 488 A and A488 GTS, while Porsche fans will be drawn by the offer of 966 GT and 944 X. Lamborghini drivers might be into securing LAM 80H too, with bids starting from £300.

Any bakers would be proud to own CAK 380X (£250), while fans of a smooth glass of red will love CH14 NTE (£400).

The auction of JA66 GER (upwards of £700) may attract bids from the infamous Rolling Stones’ frontman, while any Eddies and Montys will be proud to own EDD 71E (£300) and MO11 NTY (£400) respectively.

A spokesperson from DVLA Personalised Registrations said they chose to stage their auction at Mercedes-Benz World due to its popularity with customers, offering plenty for the entire family to enjoy and experience.

“Our sales are all about personalised registrations and I’m delighted to say we have again managed to unearth another phenomenal array to suit all tastes and budgets,” they commented.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “For some people, having the perfect personalised reg plate for their dream car is the cherry on the top of the cake and we reckon some fanatics won’t be able to resist these one-time plates.”

Visit dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk for more details.

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