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Oettinger bodywork brings new life to Golf

Written by: Neil

The Petrol News office is normally more focused on the high-end sportscar market when it comes to the new releases that get our blood pumping, but we have to admit a soft spot for the Volkswagen Golf!

So it's always a fun time here at Petrol News when we get to enjoy some brilliant new styling for what is an already great looking car. And that's precisely what happened this week, with the news that buyers of Volkswagen's Performance Golf will now be able to install a range of breathtaking new body kits from Oettinger.

With a partnership that stretches back more than 70 years, when company founder Gerhard Oettinger took a VW Beetle into the world of rallying, this latest addition builds on a foundation of amazing style and stunning attention to detail.

Adding a new spoiler and bespoke splitter to the Golf, as well as providing a quad, stainless steel exhaust setup and much more, the design of the Oettinger kit is a sight to behold and one that all lovers of the model are sure to enjoy.

Set to cost from just shy of £4,000, body kits from the company are now available for the Golf  GTD and GTI version, as well as the Golf R.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "The Golf is one of the most iconic and best-loved cars of all time by millions of drivers. It's therefore great news to lovers of the brand that the scope for great-looking Golfs continues to grow."


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