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No more hot Volvos? Polestar confirms separation from Volvo

Written by: Neil

Volvo is great at many things. Hulking SUVs like the XC90, yes. Practical yet premium hatchbacks like the V40, tick. Pulse-racing sports cars? Absolutely not and that’s why the Swedish brand set up the Polestar performance division in the mid ’90s.

Using standard Volvo models as a starting point, Polestar was let loose on eking out an impressive amount of aggression from some distinctly sensible cars.

Look at the V60 Polestar, for instance. The regular V60 is a very straight-faced estate car, but once Polestar was through, it was a 362bhp monster capable of racing to 62mph in under five seconds.

So it was with much sadness this week that news reached the Petrol News office that Polestar was parting ways with parent company Volvo.

The separation was confirmed via a picture on Polestar’s Instagram simply bearing the words ‘The End’.

No other details were given but Auto Express revealed a few months ago that Polestar would be flying solo with its own range of electric performance cars, the first of which could be revealed before the end of the year.

While Polestar hasn’t commented on the separation any further, its chief exec Thomas Ingenlath had hinted at the departure, stating that “the next chapter in Polestar’s history is just beginning”.

He told Auto Express: “I am really excited to take up the challenge of establishing this exciting brand, developing a fabulous portfolio of bespoke products and channelling the passion we have throughout the Polestar team.”

Despite the separation, Polestar’s forthcoming cars will still make use of the same Scalable Product Architecture as the 90 Series models (XC90, V90, S90).

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Polestar’s departure is a shame really because an XC90 Polestar would have been pretty unstoppable. We’re sure there would’ve been more than a few takers for whatever they did to the V40 too."

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