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Nissan launches special edition GT-R – with more promised

Written by: Neil

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is always a great way to enjoy some of the finest traditions of fast cars. As well as being one of those sporting events the summer just couldn't do without, it is also a chance for motor enthusiasts to enjoy the traditions of vintage motors alongside the latest cutting-edge models.
Nissan is certainly playing its part this year, showing up with a new special edition model GT-R to celebrate 50 years of this particular line. 

Originally known as the Skyline GT-R, the car will reach its half century next year and Nissan decided to mark the occasion by appearing at the festival with a spectacular 720bhp model, a limited edition that will set buyers back almost £800,000.

Here comes Godzilla 

The car came in a startling bronze colour and is based on the GT-R Nismo, which is nicknamed "Godzilla" back home. This version has some Italian design elements to make it look a little more European. Other features include a 'power bulge' (don't ask), stretched LED headlights and – just to remind everyone this is Japanese after all – a “samurai blade” cooling outlet.

Most importantly of all, the new vehicle adds an extra 100bhp, with better brakes and suspension to hold it in check. All that might make one question just what kind of monster can be even more powerful than Godzilla? Perhaps Godzuki from the cartoons put on a growth spurt. 

If this wasn't enticing enough, Nissan has promised that the next GT-R will be the "world’s fastest super sportscar". No sitting on the fence here, then – although if you're like Godzilla to start with that wouldn't leave much of a fence anyway. 

Nissan's plan to bring this about is to stop making small adjustments and enhancements to the GT-R model and create a whole new car. That will delay its arrival until the 2020s. But will it be worth the wait? 

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: "Nissan has clearly got some exciting plans for the GT-R in the future. But let us enjoy this very fine limited-edition 50th anniversary model for now." 

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