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New vehicle leasing options from Fuel Card Services

Written by: Neil


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Fleet managers will welcome FCS Vehicle Solutions, the new service offering unbeatable vehicle acquisition options nationwide. The service has been created by Fuel Card Services to ensure that fleet managers are not limited to local dealers or restricted finance choices when acquiring a new car or van.

Steve Clarke, Fuel Card Services group marketing manager, said: “We can offer outstanding deals on every make and model from 32 vehicle manufacturers, sourced through more than 4,000 dealers nationwide. It means that we can ensure the best possible deal, even if only a single vehicle is required. Where a fleet manager looking for a Focus might seek quotes from their nearest dozen or so Ford dealers, we are in contact with all 500+ dealers throughout the country.”

Fleet managers are not restricted to standard vehicles, but have exactly the same freedom to specify options and colours as they would have if dealing directly. They can use the FCS Vehicle Solutions web site to give an exact specification of their desired vehicle. Unlike wholly automated online comparison sites, the search and price negotiation process is then handled personally to ensure the best possible result.

Daily dealing in vehicle procurement gives FCS Vehicle Solutions a market insight beyond the scope of any fleet manager. This, alongside the scale of its business, means that it can realise savings well beyond the norm. “A hard-negotiating fleet manager might shop around regionally and achieve average savings of up to 8% on published vehicle prices,” said Steve Clarke. “That is reasonable, but we would expect routinely to deliver a discount of at least 15% to 18% on list pricing.”

FCS Vehicle Solutions also offers a full choice in procurement and financing, including business and personal leasing, lease purchase, contract hire and outright purchase. Steve Clarke said: “Having chosen a supplier, the fleet manager then typically faces a limited choice of finance options. We not only offer the very best in vehicle pricing, we can also find unbeatable financing deals. There is no better way for a fleet, of any size or type, to acquire a new or used car or van.”

FCS Vehicle Solutions was created as part of FCS Media to complement and enhance the services provided to UK fleets by Fuel Card Services. These include fuel cards, emissions monitoring, mileage tracking and a wealth of other fleet management services. Fuel Card Services is owned by DCC plc, assuring customers of the backing of a multi-national corporation with 11,000 employees across 14 countries.

Click here to visit FCS Vehicle Solutions