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Mobile phone menace ‘must be tackled’

Written by: Neil

Drivers continuing to flout the law and use mobile phones while behind the wheel is a serious issue that the government needs to clamp down on, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has argued.

A recent survey carried out by the body highlighted the main antisocial behaviours among UK motorists that members of the public would like to see stronger action against taken by the authorities in the coming months.

It revealed 72 per cent of respondents believe police officers should place mobile phone use at the wheel as a priority offence to target, compared to 65 per cent for drink and drug-driving, 50 per cent for angry and aggressive behaviour, and 42 per cent for tailgating.

Across the board, the UK public demonstrated an appetite to see stronger policing on these dangerous and reckless actions – a development that would help make the roads safer for all.

IAM chief executive officer Sarah Sillars said: "The government cannot afford to be complacent about road safety and a lot more needs to be done to address major road offences through the enforcement of existing legislation and full use of police powers.

"Where drivers are failing to live up to the required standards they must be given access to a wider range of targeted retraining courses that refresh their skills."

She added that improving awareness is half the battle when it comes to risky and dangerous behaviour by motorists, but ensuring those who do break the law are suitably dealt with is also essential.


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