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Mitsubishi L200 is a driving force

Written by: Neil

Tough Challenger Mtisubishi L200

Quick glance

Easily recognisable, award-winning and practical Mitsubishi’s L200 pick-up has now reached its fifth generation, with an increase in towing capacity to 3.5 tonnes.


Think of a pick-up and the shape that pops into your head, will probably be that of the Mitsubishi L200. Back in the ’90s, this Japanese brand got its act together faster than its contenders and recognized that pick-up ownership extended beyond farmers and builders, and was heading towards the luxury SUV owners. Four decades later, it’s still at the top, but is far more sophisticated, it must be against the tough new rivals on the block including Ford, Nissan and Mercedes.

Mitsubishi L200 Pulling Power up to 3.5 tonnes.

Driving Experience

Conscious that any Mitsubishi L200 is likely to spend most its time on tarmac, it offers super select: Use 2WD on tarmac to save fuel, and switch to 4WD to tackle harsh conditions and tough terrain.

Handling is better than you might expect from a pick-up and body roll, usually something of a problem in vehicles with higher centres of gravity, should be kept to a minimum, this is thanks to the stiff chassis and the suspension set-up. A large stabiliser bar and stiff front springs, allows the L200 to handle and ride with comfort and agility.

The light-weight, aluminium engine should impress too. For example, with 178bhp and 430Nm of torque on-tap, the 2.4-litre MIVEC turbodiesel unit provides this L200 with strong performance, the 0-62mph time rated at 10.4s.

Design and Build

Mitsubishi L200 says that this vehicle’s ‘athleticism’ is expressed through sharp, muscular surfaces and a taut ‘belt line’, this does project a more commanding road presence and typical owners will like the muscular, planted stance. At the back, there are several load bed options, to cover or not, is up to you – though with the British weather, it may be good to stay covered.

Mitsubishi L200 cover or not to cover

Market and Model

Overall, there are four different specifications; the 4Life version, the Titan, the Warrior and the top-spec Barbarian model. At the home of British motor racing, Silverstone, the fleet manager there has recently chosen the Mitsubishi L200 pickups to help keep its operation firmly on track, in the entry-level 4Life version.

Transmission-wise, there’s a choice of either a six-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic with sport mode. Many models come with features like dual-zone climate control and a satellite navigation system. As for safety, all variants get Mitsubishi’s ‘RISE’ (‘Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution’) system, plus an on-board Active Stability & Traction Control set-up and seven airbags,

Silverstone has a fleet of Mitsubish L200

Practicalities and costs

The Mitsubishi L200 is capable of more than 650 miles on a single tank of fuel. With fuel economy of 39.8 MPG, the L200 ‘Series 5’ can save you hundreds per year. It has also got the lowest CO2 emissions of any pick-up truck on the UK market.


James Wilson, of FCS Vehicle Solutions says: “The Mitsubishi L200 simply cannot be beaten on price and, combined with its equipment and the reliability of its previous versions, our customers say it is the perfect pickup. The build quality is very good and our team finds the L200 very easy and comfortable to drive. The pickup offers a payload of up to 1,060kg and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes.

“At FCS Vehicle Solutions, we currently have 72 leasing and business contract options, in 4Life, Titan, Warrior and Barbarian trim. Add your company decal, and choose Aztec Red or Polar White paint at no extra cost, or you can go for the costed options in pearlescent or metallic. All L200s come with a standard 5 year or 62,500 miles’ warranty.”

For further pre-registration details call 01235 773633 or see the Mitsubishi L200 options online visit www.fcsvehiclesolutions.co.uk

Mitsubishi L200