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Mercedes’ A-Class has been stretched into a saloon, due here 2019

Written by: Neil

Say hi to the first ever four-door Mercedes-Benz A-Class, named the A-Class L Saloon.

Here in the UK, we’re used to seeing the A-Class as a high-end hatchback, but it has been moulded into a saloon primarily for the Chinese market, and it’ll arrive here too early on in 2019.

While Audi has offered a stretched saloon take on its A3 for some time, Merc has never bothered doing the same for its premium hatchback, now in its fourth generation.

However, it has finally been taken the plunge following significant growth in China where it has a younger customer base compared to European countries.

Everything about the A-Class saloon is identical to the mk4 hatchback up until you hit the C-pillar. From here, the body expands with a more spacious boot, adding an extra 50 litres to offer a total of 420 litres.

With a visibly stretched profile, the A-Class saloon is only 77mm shorter than the C-Class, measuring 4,609mm long.

The Chinese market will get a long wheelbase model, which extends the space between the front and rear wheels by 60mm to offer greater rear passenger space.

Those are the only changes worth mentioning so the saloon boasts the same impressive interior as the hatchback, as well as the super-slick front-end with sharp LED headlights.

Engine range hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is sure to closely resemble that of the hatchback, with a 114bhp 1.5-litre diesel and a pair of petrols (161bhp 1.33-litre turbocharged, 221bhp two-litre turbo).

Similarly, trim levels will most likely be copied verbatim, adopting the three-tier SE, Sport, AMG Line grade structure.  

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, commented: “Many will view the A-Class saloon as a mini C-Class, so it’s reasonable that it should command a heftier ticket price – expect a few grand to be lumped on that of its hatchback counterpart.”

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