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McLaren teases fastest car ever and you can’t have it…

Written by: Neil

Few names get pulses racing in the Petrol News office more than McLaren and this time, they’re teasing something that promises to be very special.

The image accompanying this article is the first shot of McLaren’s forthcoming hyper GT – the BP23 – a hybrid supercar expected to be the fastest road-legal model in the brand’s 54-year history.

Only 106 units are ever going to be produced and they’ve already been snapped up by specially invited buyers at £1.65 million each. However, those lucky buyers will have to wait until 2019 before they receive their new car though.

The fact they’ve already been sold may seem premature to some because McLaren Special Operations (MSO) – the brand’s bespoke division tasked with designing and crafting the luxurious new addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series product family – hasn’t even completed development of the car yet.

You may be questioning the significance of that codename – BP23. It was chosen because it is MSO’s second bespoke project and it has three seats.

So why only 106 units? Rather than an homage to the boxy and basic Peugeot runaround, this number represents how many 1992 McLaren F1 cars were produced.

Details on the BP23’s powertrain are scant right now but, if it really is to become the fastest McLaren ever, it’d probably need to surpass the P1’s 903bhp power output, so perhaps a four-figure power output is on the cards.

The head of McLaren Automotive has said he wants to keep the targeted top speed under wraps because “if I go out and announce a top speed now, my friend John Hennessey (of Hennessey Performance Engineering – responsible for the Venom GT) will go out and build something faster”.

News of the BP23 comes just weeks after McLaren revealed the 720S at the Geneva Motor Show.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: “We’ve only just calmed down after the unveiling of the 720S but the prospect of the fastest McLaren ever suggests the best is yet to come.”

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