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McLaren announces new 570S Design Editions

Written by: Neil

McLaren have done it again and gone and made an announcement that has everybody in the Petrol News office over the moon.

The British marque is one of our favourites and we always keep an eye out for any good news from this high-end manufacturer. And good news it is again, with the announcement that the multi-award-winning McLaren 570S will now receive five – yes, five – exclusive Design Editions.

Each will incorporate a separate element of the McLaren design ethos, with the use of complementary colours, materials and finishes to create a range of stylish and simply breathtaking new options for lovers of the brand.

The marque is aiming to make a statement with these latest releases, as while each model comes with a complete work-up of exclusive elements, buyers are still able to tailor the exact specifications of their model to their own requirements – highlighting McLaren's overall aim to place the driver first.

Set for first deliveries in early 2017, we can't wait for these new models to take to the nation's roads. It will surely be a sight for sore eyes!

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "McLaren continue to blow our socks off with the wealth of great news from this ambitious marque. Earlier this month it was the release of the details of the Hyper-GT, and now this!"


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