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Maserati brings new models to Paris

Written by: Neil

The Paris Motor Show is now taking place and one of the standout features of this year's international automotive showcase is the launch of two new models by acclaimed sportscar manufacturer Maserati.

Everyone here in the Petrol News office is pleased as punch to see the new models on show, with the marque bringing its new Ghibli and restyled Quattroporte to the party.

Offering outstanding looks and imperious performance, both vehicles bring a raft of design upgrades and are a fantastic addition to Maserati's line-up.

Each will be coming to market in 2017 and bolster the marque's saloon range, with technological advancements including new Advanced Driver Assist systems, Adaptive Cruise Control and Stop & Go engine technology for improved fuel management and lower emissions.

An exterior and interior restyling for the Quattroporte (which was originally released in 2013) updates the model for the discerning buyer, while the new Ghibli brings to the table a luxury package for all sportscar enthusiasts.

Running from September 29th to October 16th, the Paris Motor Show is chock-full of great attractions this year and we'll be bringing you more of the best exhibits and new releases as the event unfolds.


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