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Lister named UK’s fastest growing car maker

Written by: Neil

We love a good underdog story, so it's been a real pleasure to learn that little-known British sports car company Lister has now been named the fastest-growing automotive manufacturer in the UK.

Having witnessed an increase in sales of more than 140 per cent in the last 12 months, The Lister Motor Company is going from strength to strength at present.

As a result, despite being only the 28th largest car manufacturer in the UK, the brand has received the boost of being named the nation's fastest growing marque by business finance specialists Plimsoll Publishing.

Despite a rich 63-year history, Lister has largely gone under the radar for many of the general public – tell us, can you name any of their models? Well, in the Petrol News office, we came up with a couple; the appropriately named Lister Knobbly being undoubtedly our favourite.

Responding to the news, chief executive officer at Lister Lawrence Whitaker stated his delight, and noted there will be some "interesting developments ahead" for the marque in the near future – we can't wait to see what he means!

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "It's great to see some well-deserved recognition for another UK car maker that's bucking the trend of difficult times in the wider economy, so congratulations to Lister and long may you continue to flourish."


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