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Let’s all go to Norway – they have the world’s only Focus RS private hire taxi

Written by: Neil

Imagine the scenario. You’ve had a few drinks out on the town, the night has drawn to a natural conclusion and you’re now faced with the task of securing a taxi to get home.

After grabbing a vein-clogging kebab drenched in the spiciest sauce available, your Uber shows up and more often than not it’s an Octavia or an Insignia, maybe a Passat; whatever, it’s something unremarkable.

But what if your ride home was a Ford Focus RS? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what the lovely folk in Norway can look forward to.

Admittedly, there are more suitable (read: larger, more fuel-efficient) Fords that cabbie Evald Jåstad could’ve chosen, but few would’ve been this fun.

Evald, who is based in Odda, 214 miles west of Oslo, begins each day with a 10-mile round-trip through breathtaking Scandinavian scenery to take his son to nursery.

“When I drive him to nursery, all the way there, Martin shouts out ‘Bånn gass! Bånn gass! – More gas! More gas!” says the 36-year-old father‑of‑two.

After that, locals and tourists call on him to take them across the Trolltunga cliffs. Evald says one of his more elderly customers – a 96-year old lady – loves to ride in the car when she does her grocery shopping.

“There are not many people who can say they live their dream but I am definitely one of them,” he added.

Dubbed ‘Blue Lightning’ by locals, the Focus RS is believed to be the world’s first RS taxi.

Powered by a 345bhp 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine, the Focus RS can do 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds with a top speed of 166mph – worlds away from what you’d expect from any black cab.

Watch this stunning mini-documentary about Evald’s Focus RS taxi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ctakSX8esI

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “Everyone in the Petrol News office loves to jump behind the wheel of their own car and see what it can do, but sometimes, a taxi is the only option. We’d be getting taxis everywhere if we lived in Norway…”

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