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Learn to drive in a 362bhp BMW i8

Written by: Neil

Can you remember what you learned to drive in? Maybe it was a beat-up Vauxhall Nova, or maybe a Fiesta if you gained your licence more recently?

Some of us here in the Petrol News office can’t even remember, despite passing only a few years ago, but either way, most people usually have their first taste of motoring life in something distinctly unglamorous, and quite often very embarrassing.

However, these days, learner drivers have significantly cooler options available with tutors conducting lessons in a Mini Hatch, Nissan Leaf and now, thanks to Bill Plant Driving School, a BMW i8.

Can you just imagine the sight? You have this stunning hybrid supercar that retails in excess of £104,000 and produces a power output the equivalent to 362bhp, and then it has L-plates plonked on the back. Bonkers.

Anyway, Bill Plant Driving School is offering this truly unique learning experience within London to anyone with a valid UK provisional driving licence.

Hell, even if you have a full driving licence, you can fork out the £50 hourly tuition fee to drive the i8.

As with any tuition car, the i8 is fitted with standard dual controls, so a fully qualified driving instructor can step in if the 4.4-second 0-62mph sprint proves a little hairy for some.

Before the i8 rolled into Bill Plant Driving School’s fleet, learner drivers could also take lessons in other BMWs like the i3, 1 Series and X1 compact SUV.

Jake Plant, operations director at Bill Plant Driving School, said: “We’re thrilled to extend our BMW fleet to include the i8 and fill a premium gap in the market.

“We’ve seen instant demand since launching this on social media and look forward to the limitless joy it will provide pupils learning to drive in such a unique and fun driving experience”.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: “This is a brilliant idea from Bill Plant, but that doesn’t mean we’re not insanely jealous of anyone who can say they learned to drive in an i8.”