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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ gets European debut at Salon Privé

Written by: Neil

‘Lamborghini Aventador’: these two words are guaranteed to grab the attention of every living soul in the Petrol News office, so it was of particular interest to learn that the new SVJ variant was given its European debut at Salon Privé in Oxfordshire this weekend.

Unveiled to the world at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last month, the Aventador SVJ claims to be the fastest Lamborghini you can buy new and is driven by the most powerful, naturally-aspirated V12 engine ever to roll off the Lambo production line.

Pumping out 759bhp and 720Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm with a dry weight of just 1,525kg, it strikes a mouthwatering weight-to power ratio of 1.98 kg/hp to polish off a zero to 62mph sprint in a blistering 2.8 seconds.

It can double that speed in 5.8 seconds (0-124mph: 8.6 seconds) and the red line won’t stop climbing until it hits 217mph.  

The sad news is only 900 SVJ Aventadors will ever be produced and you’d need roughly £356,000 to buy one.

It’d be money well spent though, as the SVJ recently stole the crown for being the fastest production car around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, completing the 20.6km circuit in just 6:44.97 minutes.

Lamborghini chief executive Stefano Domenicali believes the SVJ “[shapes] the potential for super sports car development” and “takes another step into the future”.

He commented: “The challenge to Lamborghini designers and engineers was to improve the purest essence of the Lamborghini super sports car, drawing on every inspiration from a spaceship to a jet fighter: all the most exceptional examples of super-fast, super-athletic, aerodynamic superiority.”

There are some notable tweaks beneath the surface of the SVJ, notably, a redesigned chassis and powertrain, resulting in improved stiffness, enhanced rear-wheel steering and significantly improved downforce.

If you were wondering about the acronym in the name, SV stands for ‘super veloce’, which translates as ‘superfast’, while the ‘Jota’ suffix references the car’s potency on both track and road.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “What an honour it was for the UK to debut such a spectacular car to the rest of Europe.”

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