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It’s finally here… the inspirational AM-RB 001

Written by: Neil

Woohoo! They've only gone and done it! Those beautiful people at Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have actually completed their new collaboration hypercar!

Forgive the crazy excitement, but that really is the atmosphere here in the Petrol News office, as the new AM-RB 001 – catchy name, guys – has officially been released.

We offered a glimpse of the new model earlier this year, but at the time there were very few details concerning what it would actually look like and, more importantly, how the new AM-RB 001 would perform on the track.

That's all changed now though, as the dream team of Adrian Newey, Marek Reichman and David King – three of the most impressive and iconic names in automotive design – have unveiled their new hypercar to the world.

A mid-engined, two-seat sportscar that features an impressive V12, naturally-aspirated engine capable of delivering a blistering turn of pace, the AM-RB 001 is sure to pique the interest of car lovers and racers around the world.

All aspects of the new hypercar have been scrutinised and designed to ensure maximum performance, meaning this is one racer that will undoubtedly set new records when its first deliveries take place in 2018.

It may still be a while away before we can catch a glimpse of one in person, but the AM-RB 001 has already captured our imagination! Can you tell?


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