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Impressive new GT Concept unveiled

Written by: Neil

Vauxhall/Opel has unveiled its impressive new GT Concept design, which the manufacturer believes embodies the marque's vision for the future.

Set to be seen in the flesh for the first time at this year's Geneva International Motorshow – running from March 3rd to 13th – the new GT Concept will be a turbocharged, front mid-engined, rear-wheel drive behemoth, offering outstanding performance and stunning good looks.

An homage to the company's first concept design, which was created more than half a century ago, the new GT Concept is unabashedly avant-garde, yet offers a simplicity in its styling that is both sleek and refreshing for the brand.

Mark Adams, vice-president for design in Europe at Vauxhall, stated: "In the mid-sixties, Vauxhall and Opel created their own interpretations of a lightweight sports car – the XVR and the Experimental GT – both of which were thoroughly modern with dynamic sculptural forms.

"It’s certainly difficult to reinvent iconic concepts like these, but just as each was avant-garde back then, so too is this GT Concept today."

He went on to add that the new vehicle aims to capture the bold, emotional spirit of the Vauxhall/Opel brand through its pure, minimalistic and, above all, uncompromising style.

However, lovers of all things automotive will now have to wait until the Geneva Motorshow to pass their own judgement.


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