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IAM offers Christmas driving tips

Written by: Neil

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has published a range of essential tips aimed at ensuring anyone taking to the roads this festive season will be able to do so in the safest possible manner.

Drivers are advised to inspect their vehicle before taking to the roads over the coming days and to ensure they top up their fuel tanks ahead of time if they are planning long journeys, as every year there are more than 17,000 cases where people have broken down as a result of running out of fuel.

Meanwhile, with the nights drawing in particularly early right now, people also need to be wary about driving on unlit stretches of road, ensuring they have their headlights on when it starts to get dark to make sure they can both see and be seen by other road users.

Finally, travellers need to keep an eye on weather forecasts when planning journeys at this time of year, as while it may be fairly unlikely that this year will see a white Christmas, you never know with the UK's changeable climate.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger said: "Planning and ensuring you have good all round visibility is the key to making your Christmas journey as smooth as possible. You can make your life easier by not rushing or being pressured by others to go faster than you are comfortable with."

He added that people need to remember to "drive within their limits" and those of their vehicle when driving this Christmas.


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