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How seagulls helped Hamilton win the Canadian GP

Written by: Neil

We've heard plenty of excuses for losing a race – wrong tyres, poor strategy, bad weather – but the one provided by Sebastian Vettel after this weekend's F1 grand prix in Canada must have been a first: seagulls.

Vettel was third on the grid at the start of the race and a brilliant start saw him streak past Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg before the first turn.

However, Ferrari's decision to go for a two-stop strategy seemed to be the wrong move, with Vettel eventually finishing second behind Hamilton, who made only one stop.

But according to the German driver, this wasn't the only reason he conceded first place.

Speaking to Hamilton in the pre-podium holding room, Vettel said he was so distracted by two seagulls in the middle of the track that he locked up, allowing the Englishman to catch him.

Vettel then gatecrashed an interview Hamilton was giving to Sky Sports, playfully chiding the reigning world champ for "not braking for animals".

"You should give him a hard time because of that," the Ferrari driver joked. "Two seagulls at Turn One! I'm a racing driver, so I have to find some kind of excuse!

"I had my eyes into Turn One and then I see these two seagulls just sitting there, all relaxed. I had my eyes so deep into the apex, I locked up."

Hamilton also saw the funny side of the bizarre incident, telling Vettel: "I'm like Dr Dolittle, I told them to be there."

Regardless of how it came, this was the world champion's fifth win in nine starts in Montreal and means he is now just nine points behind Rosberg in the Formula 1 World Championship.


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