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Half of drivers ‘would fail a re-test’

Written by: Neil

As many as half of all drivers currently holding a valid licence would fail if forced to take a re-test of their driving capabilities, new research has shown.

An experiment carried out by Auto Express and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) examined the ability of experienced drivers to fulfil the requirements of the present UK driving test, with the results less than flattering for some.

Overall, six of the 12 participants that took part in the limited study were shown to have failed the criteria that all new drivers are currently tested by when their driving ability was assessed by a qualified examiner.

This was highlighted as a potentially shocking statistic by the two bodies, which claimed that drivers up and down the country need to therefore fight against complacency whenever they take to the roads.

IAM chief executive officer Sarah Sillars: "The results of our joint experiment were very interesting. It shows that keeping your skills topped up and knowledge of the Highway Code current is crucial in making safer drivers and riders.

"Road skills cannot be allowed to lapse. Keeping your skills current through advanced tuition and other proven methods can only be a benefit to everyone who uses our roads."

The study was carried out as part of the 80th anniversary celebrations of the driving test in the UK, which took place this year.


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