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Give it up for the ALL NEW Nissan GT-R MY17

Written by: Neil

Everybody wants you, everybody wants your love, I’d just like to make you mine, all mine!

No, we haven’t gone crazy. It’s just that for some reason, KC & The Sunshine is all we can think of when it comes to how the new Nissan GT-R MY17 makes all of us feel here in the Petrol News Office.

It’s one hell of a looker and following the official unveiling at this year’s New York International Auto Show, the GT-R MY17 appears to have stolen our hearts.

With the first major update to the popular GT-R model since its initial release back in 2007, the designers at Nissan have truly outdone themselves in terms of capturing the sleek and daring elegance that sets pulses racing whenever this car is mentioned.

The familiar shape of the GT-R has been maintained, with its aerodynamic features cutting easily through the air to deliver impressive performance, but a newly-enhanced front spoiler lip and bumpers give a grittier edge that the older model lacked.

Furthermore, while the GT-R’s hallmark four-ring rear lights remain, the designers have incorporated new rear bodywork to help improve air flow, handling and overall top speed.

As such, we hope you agree that the new GT-R MY17 is a rare beauty indeed. And hopefully, you won’t hold it against us when we say: Baby, give it up!

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