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Get a load of the Noble M600 in London

Written by: Neil

The London Motor Show will soon be in full swing in the capital (May 6th to 8th) and what a treat we have for you today, with the new Noble M600 supercar making its global debut at the event.

Here in the Petrol News office, we love the look of the new Noble from British marque Super Veloce Racing (SVR), with its hunkered but languid demeanour belying the incredible power that resides beneath its bonnet.

Get a load of the Noble M600 in London

Capable of an estimated top speed of 225 mph and able to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds, the M600 generates an impressive 662 bhp and 604 lbft of torque from its 4.4-litre Yamaha V8 twin turbo engine.

The model is therefore no slouch in the performance stakes, but it’s arguably the gorgeous looks of the new M600 that have really helped it to capture the limelight in London.

Get a load of the Noble M600 in London

Built in Leicester (yes, all the more reason for the city to celebrate this week), the M600 is SVR’s newest addition to its already impressive model range and will go on sale in the UK and Ireland in the coming months.

We absolutely love the pared back feel and classic racing lines of the new M600, so catch a glimpse while you can if you’re in the vicinity of the London Motor Show in the next few days – we promise, it’ll be worth it!

Get a load of the Noble M600 in London


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