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Geneva Motor Show: H2 Speed will leave you breathless

Written by: Neil

What a start we've had to this year's Geneva Motor Show, with a whole host of glorious new designs being showcased for the eager crowds in the last few days.

However, one of the standout new releases that has simply captured the imagination of all those in the Petrol News office is the H2 Speed from Italian car design firm Pininfarina.

Named after the chemical formula for hydrogen gas, H2, the H2 Speed has left us all breathless (excuse the pun), with its stunning looks, futuristic lines and above all, its zero-emission nature.

Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, this is the world's first hydrogen-propelled supercar – and boy, is it a beauty.

Weighing a little over 1,400 kg and offering 503 bhp, this means the H2 Speed delivers astonishing performance of nought to 100 kph in just 3.4 seconds. At the same time, it has a top speed in excess of 300 kph – all this while producing no carbon emissions at all.

Sculpted to deliver amazing on-track handling and acceleration by the passionate team at Pininfarina, this is one green car that we would happily show off to our petrol-loving mates.

That said, the H2 Speed is only set to be produced in a limited number, so the chances of us getting on our hands on one here at the Petrol News office could be slim – we can but dream!


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