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Fuel duty held for sixth straight year

Written by: Neil

It gives me great pleasure to be covering the impact of this year's Budget on drivers across the UK today, as the chancellor George Osborne appears to have listened to calls asking him not to raise the tax on petrol and diesel.

We asked you earlier this week, if you were planning to fill up your fuel tanks ahead of this year's Budget? But now we suppose it's slightly academic, as fuel duty will be staying where it is for the foreseeable future.

Mr Osborne confirmed in his speech to the House of Commons today that there will be an ongoing freeze on fuel duty increases – a decision that was first implemented some six years ago.

Making his announcement, the chancellor described his latest freeze on fuel duty as a "tax boost that keeps Britain on the move".

Well, we're not entirely sure that it can be classed as a "boost", given the fact that nothing will actually change; but thank heavens he decided against raising the duty, which many had feared he would do.

Prices at the pumps are therefore set to remain relatively low during the coming weeks – and potentially for longer if the worldwide price of oil remains as subdued as it has been for so much of the year so far – and that's something we're extremely thankful for.


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