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Four-door Mercedes GT could be here by 2019

Written by: Neil

We’re big fans of Merc’s GT roadster in the Petrol News office, so you can understand the excitement when we saw this new stretched-out show car being unveiled at this week’s Geneva Motor Show.

Named the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, this four-door four-seater coupe has been designed to celebrate 50 years of the Mercedes-AMG performance division.

It’s not a pointless show car though; the concept gives us an idea of what to expect from the third member of the AMG GT family – after the SLS AMG and AMG GT – when it goes on sale in 2019.

The GT Concept previews a new 804bhp petrol-electric hybrid model that pulls together an ultramodern V8 petrol engine and a super-potent electric motor.

When working together, they can get the car from a halt to 62mph in less than three seconds. This is a car with four doors and four seats, remember, not some eye-poking Lambo. If that blistering performance is carried over to the production model, then it would easily outpace Porsche’s range-topping Panamera, due to go on sale this July.

Extending a sports car into a four-seater can be a tricky and polarising exercise, as the original Panamera proved a few years ago. However, we think the design bods at Mercedes-AMG have done a swell job; side-on, it could be mistaken for a CLS with a lower ground clearance.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: “Mercedes is on a roll at the minute. After selling almost 170,000 new cars in 2016 and bagging awards with the C- and E-Class, it’s obvious that the brand will hold a strong place in the UK car market over the coming years with exciting cars like this four-door GT in the pipeline.”


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