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Ford extends GT production for two more years!

Written by: Neil

Woohoo! It's an exciting day for everyone here in the Petrol News office, as we're absorbing the news that one of our favourite supercars is set to receive an extended run of production!

Ford Performance has announced it plans to double its production run for this breathtaking model from two to four years – a development we're really happy to have seen happen.

One of our favourite supercars of today, the Ford GT is a real muscle car that incorporates the latest technologies to deliver a truly outstanding driving experience. Not just that though, have you seen the thing? It's gorgeous!

With a hunkered driving position, sleek lines, go-faster stripes and one of the most iconic looks in automotive design, the Ford GT is a treat for all the senses.

Launched in 2015, the latest iteration of the model will now see its production run continue until 2019, with this extension supporting the marque's decision to race the Ford GT in both the IMSA and World Endurance Championship series' through to the end of the decade.

A waiting list has now been created for all those hoping to purchase one of these extended-run models, with the popularity of the Ford GT meaning there is already a wait of up to 2018 for those that have registered their interest.

If you want one (and why wouldn't you?), we recommend getting your name down quickly!


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