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Fiery Danish supercar maker hypes up third model ahead of Geneva reveal

Written by: Neil

Zenvo isn’t what many would view as a mainstream car maker. They’re Denmark’s only high-performance automotive company and to be honest, we were hard pressed to name any Danish car makers but apparently, there are 17.

Anyway, Zenvo has announced it will unveil a “stunning new model” at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The car will be the third model in Zenvo line-up, following on from the twin supercharged TS1 GT and TSR models, and the company reckons that “even the most demanding of hypercar enthusiasts” will be impressed by the new model.

Zenvo chief executive Angela Kashina sounded like a giddy child when speaking about the brand’s latest car.

“With everything now in place to launch this fantastic new model onto the market, it is hard for us to wait patiently for the Geneva International Motor Show to share this car with the world,” she commented.

“As a European hypercar brand, Geneva offers an unrivalled opportunity to connect with an international audience.”

Ms Kashina went on to say that 2018’s event will be the brand’s fifth time at Geneva and each year has sparked an increasingly positive response.

“There can be no better platform to make a splash with our latest new innovation,” she added.

The press release announcing the new model gave little away in terms of detail and the three teaser shots released so far look more like abstract art than a new car. Previous models have been high in horsepower with the TS1 boasting around 1,000 hp, so we can bank on a considerable power output.

However, anyone aware of Zenvo is likely to have heard of them through Top Gear’s harsh panning. During the show’s filming, the ST1 caught fire due to a cooling unit failure, while a second car clocked a lap time slower than a BMW M5.

The ST1 also burst into flames during the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in 2015 – so not a great track record of not setting on fire it seems.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “For most people, Zenvo will be a complete unknown or remembered for setting on fire, which isn’t a positive start. However, the brand has an opportunity to turn it around with its latest model – we hope it’s as stunning as they say it is.”

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