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Ferrari will launch 15 new cars before 2022

Written by: Neil

The prospect of a new Ferrari is guaranteed to stir up a giddy level of excitement here in the Petrol News office, so you can imagine the elation when we heard that Ferrari plans to launch 15 (one-five!) new cars before 2022.

That averages out at 3.75 new models a year and this fresh product push will climax with a new SUV due towards the end of the product plan.

On top of that, 60 per cent of the Italian firm’s car range will feature hybrid technology within the next four years, according to Auto Express (AE). Central to this move will be the development of a new V6 petrol-electric hybrid powertrain currently in the works.

Ferrari bosses refused to confirm that a V6 engine was being developed for a new generation of Dino, but did tell AE that the engine would be used as a lower performance entry point for models such as the Portofino.

So how will these new Ferraris come into being?

Well, over the next four years, Ferrari’s product portfolio will be made up of four key pillars: Sports, GT, hypercars and Icona – a new range of low volume models.

The Sports range, currently comprising the 488, 488 Spider and 812 Superfast, will expand to include an additional mid-engined model said to be ‘a real supercar in the standard range’ with ‘more performance than a LaFerrari’. Additionally, all models in the Sports range will be hybrid only by 2022.

Ferrari’s upcoming SUV, currently known as ‘project Purosange’, will be part of the GT pillar and be based on a new front-mid engine architecture, compatible with plug-in hybrid technology.

Sadly, a new hypercar is not in the brand’s mid-term plan, but the company did confirm work is under way on the technology that will feature in the LaFerrari’s successor.

Finally, Ferrari said it would continue to develop naturally aspirated V12 engines and aimed to double its profits to €2 billion (£1.78 billion) by 2022.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “This is fairly major news from Ferrari. Their future powertrains may well embrace hybrid technology but the brand can’t resist the raw power of a raging V6 engine.”

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